What We Do

As an independent wealth manager, Wellco’s Points of Difference on Investment Portfolio stresses on:
▪ Independence – We’re on the client’s side of the equation and offer highly personalized & tailored services;
▪ Aligning with the client’s interests and not bounded or directed to work with a single custodian bank;
▪ Being a boutique outfit to focus on client’s need without worrying about large organisational issues;
▪ Research, investment advice & solutions capacity to provide structured advise and proprietary fund formation;
▪ Custodian choice and diversification and transparent cost management; and
▪ Consolidated reporting capabilities with Professional Provider Networks (horizontal connectivity).


Our previous real estate track records allows us to pitch real estate investments for our private clients. We offers the advantage of first-class assets, trophy properties and prime projects in the world’s safe havens. Our tailored real estate structures includes:

▪ Global expertise with local presence in the most stable real estate markets that focuses on Core Plus and Value Added strategies only;
▪ Investments most of which are single-asset structures and are set up as stock corporations unless a special customised structure or regulated fund is required. All shares have an International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) and are bankable, if required;
▪ An onshore Tax Exempt Fund tailored for each property whose sole purpose is to hold and manage the property already acquired; and
▪ Continuous transparency to our private clients for all investments and investment companies and endeavor to work on favorable tax treatment.